Jitsi integration

Heya! Tough times, ne? In a couple of days we’re getting broadband at home again, and I’ll be able to video chat with all you lovely folks! Have you seen the video chat options out there? I like Jitsi Meet, normally found at One problem: Google Analytics.

Jitsi Meet (the warez) is nifty, and has lots of integrations, such as call-in numbers and the like. I just want an easy way to video and audio chat with folks through a web browser. So I did that!

There is an instance at, and that’s pretty cool and you can use that now. But also, there is a button in the message composer here that let’s you name a room ID and create a button that launches the room… right here in the post!

Jitsi Meet is not mobile or Firefox friendly. I use it with Firefox, and Firefox for mobile, but you wouldn’t want to send a link to anyone you provide tech support for. It has limited use because of that, but maybe limited use is what we’re all stuck with at the moment…

Anyhow, please have fun, ask questions, let your friends and family know. If it doesn’t work, let me know, I’ll address issues as they appear.

Remember, you can just use the website directly, but say you were running a TRPG in private messages and wanted to run a video chat component for it… it might be easy to manage this way. :slight_smile:

I wanted to set up a few more things, but it seems more important to make this available now and fix it as we go.

The integration is done via a theme component for Discourse, announced at Jitsi video conference component - theme - Discourse Meta and mirrored at mirror/discourse-jitsi - discourse-jitsi - :sunglasses:


This experiment is coming to an end. Jitsi is okay, but the current state of video chat (which includes distribution of technology) is not.

The server didn’t scale as needed, and embedding was buggy.

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