judy excavates

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i have a lot of boxes that i’ve just moved from apartment to apartment over the last eighteen years. i’m opening some.

here is a games of berkeley receipt from 2016.

i gave away stoner fluxx as a gift immediately (the recipient hated it and also had no sense of humor), gave away women who dare one card at a time at indiegogo, and just found adventure time-themed love letter in an adjacent box. i will now give it to my roommate, who has several board games themed in adventure time and an entire adventure time lego shrine, except a cat got to the rainicorn.

the lego scene is in a temporary state because hijinks. this is a small fraction of it anyway.

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haha look at this pile from 2015. business cards from a conference, a backup kiteboarding loop (you use them to attach your lines to your kite), swag pens, benadryl, ricola, spf chapstick, fancy clothing tags. NINETY-EIGHT DOLLARS??? FUCK ME

the ricola were not good anymore. all squishy. i spat it out. the benadryl said they expired in 2017 so i threw that out too. hahaha

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Unlike video games, medicines from the ancients don’t work!


i bought gas, once. IN 2013


and why is it in a box of things from 2016/2015? why did i hold on to this? was it the first tank of gas i ever bought when smei gave me her car?

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this has playa dust on it. there’s got to be a story, but i’ve forgotten. anyone need a motivational bumper sticker?

what about chocolate that expired in 2017?

i am the worst

i hope no one gets email updates for the tuna category. is that a setting @maiki?

I believe the site is mostly opt-in by default. Folks have to go out of their way to read and interact.

I think.

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what treasures lie herein?! we’ll never know! they might as well be jaz diskettes!!!

I remember the elation I felt when I found an enterprise WinXP with SP2 already applied! No key check, and only six hours of updates!


hey @maiki (or anyone) do you want this small battery?

capacity: 3.6V/2000mAh
input: 5V/500mA
output: 5V/1A

it’s pretty slim! the led is blue.

Yeah, I’ll grab it. The other one doesn’t hold a charge, unfortunately. But I know where to recycle them (BestBuy in Emeryville). :slight_smile:

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it’s charging now. we’ll see if it works. it is old. when charging the led turns red. the micro-usb-in is finicky and has to be at the right angle so i wrapped the cord around to keep tension. might be annoying.

and now, keys to who knows where, and all the dead weight i carried every day. the battery in the tile is dead, but the battery in the blizzard authenticator is doing all right! this authenticator is the cockroach of my physical chaff that enables my digital chaff.

why is there a zip tie that something else fell off of? who gave me the J cheerleader? when did i use tiles??? i remember what the orange caphead is for–a tiny permanent sharpie. i loved that thing. i carried it everywhere. it was surprisingly useful. EDC!

i got this stupid gadget on indiegogo. i should maybe start a whole other log for stupid things i got on indiegogo.

this is a wondercube. USB-lightning charging, flashlight, sticky bit under a cover so you can turn it into a phone stand, and micro SD card reader. i actually really admire how they stashed the micro SD card slot inside the USB plug.

i found a 64gig micro SD card! i was sad after i didn’t jump on that sale tim mentioned. but here is a card!! i wonder what digital chaff is on it.

all my chaff is precious to me.


hey does clover want these? don’t kids love weird coins?

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i totally found what used to be there. i wish i teed myself up for a response, but i swear i didn’t. i just found this at the bottom of another bin.

i am pretty sure i made this for myself in 1997. all the cheerleaders were assigned football players to make gift packages for. i wish i was joking. at least i had the presence of mind to make myself something while i was at it. you can tell i made it because one of the stars is a glow-in-the-dark bead and the other is clear plastic (the best kind!) with glitter particles.

i will never change.

Yeah, we have a weird coin box!


got it in amsterdam from the first developers of the firefox phone! the person who gave it to me happened to give the talk right after mine at the dutch mobile conference in 20…13? yes 2013 i’m pretty sure. so he was in the room during my talk, which showed off a hackathon project that used d3 on mobile safari. he was jazzed about graphics on a phone so he invited me to visit their office and gave me this firefox phone hoping i’d develop on it.

what should we do with it?


cool, do you want foreign coins too? i have some euros and some rmb!

Whatcha think @susan? Do foreign coins fit our fantasy currencies + commerative pirate coins aesthetic? What was I thinking? :grimacing:

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i found one! different color! still writes! it was in a bag with a bunch of tampons.