judy scratches

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i sure repeat myself a lot. current favorite example: my own comment from nine months ago


what is the difference between judy scratches and a daily large piece of wood? audience? reviewability?

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I think your scratches are your very random thoughts, that the public can weigh in on, but mostly it’s for you? That’s my guess.


When we talk about knowledge, we project secondary attributes of physical extension onto our capacity.

For example, I might have deep knowledge of a subject. Or I may have diverse experience, thusly described as broad knowledge.

When I scratch, I go deep.

You’ll notice that most of the logs are not updated by me. If I log, it is because something notable happened that wasn’t mentioned elsewhere. Like Iron Bloggers, I’m not playing the same game, but am providing a space for others to stash a log.

So, maybe I have an idea. It isn’t an update. It isn’t well formed. It doesn’t have a title. It might not even make sense. A mental bookmark, if anything.

I was using Mastodon for this, and my personality makes some folks giggle, so it worked. Except folks keep distracting me. Anyone would boost, but not contribute.

I think another value I get from talkgroup is that I can not pay attention and when I get back I can pick it back up.

I also have a theory that mundane revelations ate zen AF, but we keep losing them, and maybe I can further enlightenment via witty, multi branching email talk?!

Finally, think of it this way: what are you going to do with your best ideas? Can you move on all of them? Isn’t everything done through collaboration, if at all? Therefore, the rational, efficient, anti-ego path is to put one’s contributions into the public, and let humanity do its thing.

Unfunded revolution, federation of planets, etc. We aren’t getting there via fear, even the fear of not having the best thoughts.

Huh, there’s an interesting point: didja know I’m fighting fear by scratching? I know enough about people to pass as “cool”, and yet I often gring my teeth through my ego, because I have a fucking thing to say and who among us, even my ego, is allowed to silence a chaos miracle?!

How is an itch like a daily piece of wood? You are a chaos miracle!

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i like being a chaos miracle!

i made a judy scratches for work months ago: judy's grab bag (split and sort later) · Issue #544 · Techtonica/curriculum · GitHub

my solve rate on those scratches is poor

i kinda want to make a judy echoes that just tracks all the times i repeat myself hilariously

example: confirming i’m enfp in 2016, 2010, and 2005.

HAHA guess how that 2005 post starts?

I know I repeat myself in here all the time, but I don’t know what I’ve written down because I forget things easily and I can’t search my own journal because I have “forbid spiders from search engines to look at your journal” checked in my livejournal options.

i am repeating myself when i say that i repeat myself

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Very cool! And you see why I prefer Discourse and forum software for this kind of free-think-dump style micro-idea-blogging: you can combine and split off ideas from each other, including entirely new threads.

I wanted to use GitLab or Phabricator with their complex weight system and all that, but then I don’t get the social aspect, the easy quoting, just the whole package. Believe me, I want to say I use something else to run my life, but I use forum software… and your issue there demonstrates why I want a Discourse just for my work.

BTW, you can have categories. As many as needed. They are discussed in #meta. I think there is a post about how it works in there somewhere, but: make a post and convince anyone that cares it isn’t horrible, after that wait three days and toss rice over your left shoulder into the west wind. Then message @maiki and it happens!

In case you need a category:face_with_monocle:

#tuna as a category is not the same as #tuna the label, but what happens when i use the octothorpe?

answer: it goes to, so that’s the category.

the label is at … looks like tags don’t get IDs!

smallz scratched me earlier today when i tried to pick him up!


check Profile - judytuna - talkgroup once in a while and look at all your votes, judy!

see also: Whose Quest? And other questions?