judy's favorite things on the internet

there are probably a lot! but i want to drop them here so when i need a good laugh i have an easy list to click on.

“he’ll save children, but not the british children” scans incredibly well

Oh gawd, all their videos are hilarious! But I love that video! And I have such a stupid anecdote only for people that really like that quoted line.

@susan and I were visiting Jason, and Jason was complaining to Susan about the price of Brita filters, and how e wanted filtered water, but didn’t want to pay as much, to which I replied in song, “He’ll buy filters, but not the Brita filters!” The three of us had a good laugh. :slight_smile:


omg that also scans perfectly. hahahaha yeeessss

gonna find links later. the goal here is to have a bucket of “cheer up” fodder.

i’m a hippopotamus with noodles on my back

those four horses in a flash animation

charlie the unicorn, but especially the under the sea parody which i think is 3 and STARFISH REALLY LOVES YOU

homestarrunner dot net: it’s dot com!

everyone is fond of owls, except for mice and shrews, and simon cowell

FUCK THE CERTAIN PRICE OF GOODS hahahaha omg hahahahahaha i still laugh just thinking about it

arrowed/cerebellumed/etc - teen girl squad

basically everything that distracted me ten years ago when i was too depressed to move?

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the eleven-year-old tiny fad of chap-hop!

exhibit A: it’s about tea! cup of brown joy, by professor elemental

exhibit B: fighting trousers, also by professor elemental

exhibit C: Straight Outta Surrey, by Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer

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Continuing the discussion from Megawatt:

2012, JavaScript Wat by Gary Bernhardt

This was from a post on the Language Log on December 09, 2007 called The Etiology and Elaboration of a Flagrant Mistranslation, a guest post by Victor Mair. It begins with:

A series of earlier Language Log posts have discussed the curious phenomenon seen in the grocery-store sign on the right: absurdly crude English mistranslations in bizarrely inappropriate contexts.

and goes on to explain and attempt to trace, in great detail, the mistranslation of various words from chinese to english as “fuck.” omg it’s so good.