July 10, 2019

Today we hung out as a family and did chores together. We made many interesting discoveries, and I’ll jump to the main one:

Jolt Cola is back in circulation (at BevMo). I grabbed a few. It was great to taste it again, and ultimately pretty sad. I don’t like soda anymore. Jolt is wired into my head because of a time and place in my life, and my heart feels a bit tender thinking about it.

I have routines. I have a kid. I have an indoor place to sleep and keep my stuff. I don’t need to stay wired. I don’t need to suppress my appetite. I don’t need an in-group item to signal to others.

In a way I feel like I’ve lost something, and it makes sense: what a silly thing to hold on to. And yet I did because I have so few things to hold on to from my past.

Now I make new memories.

For instance, this cute sign of someone getting caught but like, not really gonna stop eating:

Or these animal clips that “eat” your cables!


Or this real framed picture of Luigi (only $12!)…


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