July 11, 2020

Last night was rough: our family got various levels of food poisoning. I went through the least, just tired. We will just be resting today.

What’s good for recovering from dehydration? I’m not really a broth-making person, personally… maybe I’ll just go retrieve some broth for these peeps… is that a thing? I’m such an absent-minded, largely dependent on @susan, vegetarian. :grimacing:

Pre-pandemic shut-in order I was so fed up of being a mod, I quit: One less moderator - Meta - HUGO

Today I noticed I’m no longer a mod. At first I was a little sad! I was like damn, since this shut-in order I’ve really found solace in my online communities and helping others. And then I read my post and thought about recent posts to Hugo support and OMFG it feels great! :slight_smile:

Nooooo. I am very sorry. I involuntarily curled up just reading that.

I used to think it was all marketing, but holy crap is Pedialyte good for rehydration. (Or store brand knock off). Also, it is vegan so that’s good.

There was a sickness that hit us once where, after 24+ hrs of really bad stomach issues I was concerned I’d need to take the kids into the ER for dehydration. A SINGLE CUP of Pedialyte and they looked and acted so much better.

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I’ll keep that in mind. Fortunately C seems the best off this morning… :sleepy:

Oh, to be clear it works great for adults too!!

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