July 14, 2019

Going to listen to the Oakland Municipal Band play bandstand music for two hours, 1 - 3 by Fairyland. :slight_smile:

This morning’s rajio taiso illuminated the cost of my powerband yesterday…

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flea bomb day! success. only minor kitty scratches on my arms. hope it eradicates them.

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I don’t think flea bombs positively affect cat scratches…

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Had the hospital tour today, which was very encouraging and assuaged a lot of worry. tbh the delivery room and post-partum units available are nicer than most hotels we’ve ever stayed in. The nursery has come together even more and we’re about to round it out with a donated rocking chair from my parents!


We had a nice birthing experience at a hospital. All the folks there were really nice, and when we remarked on it they said, “the maternity ward doesn’t really attract Nurse Ratched.” :slight_smile:

We got a rocking chair when C was born. Never used it. :grimacing: