July 14, 2020

Talkgroup tells me it’s been a year since I joined! :tada:

Tim invited me here during a really stressful time when I needed a group of supportive people. Even though I tend to lurk more than I post, it’s been really great being on Talkgroup this past year

Started a new job recently, and we’re moving into a slightly larger apartment. That’s because this boy Ira is growing growing growing!

Thanks ya folks for being here!


Glad to hear you are doing well. :slight_smile:


Today we made a reservation to camp for a couple of days kinda near Point Reyes, at the end of Sept. :slight_smile:


Happy talkgroup day @draloff! Your little Ira dinosaur is awesomely full of exuberance!!! Great work!!! Good luck with the move and the new job!

Yay camping! I have been eating two smores every night. lol


We recently discovered the “broil” feature of the magic cook cube, and it’s had amazing results. I asked @susan to get the biggest marshmallows they had! And e got the large-ish square ones and they impossible to eat normally! I have to halve them and they still burst out the side.

For camping we gonna light 'em up! :fire: So I might get some giant marshmallows just for that, not for smooshing between other things…


YES i’ve been loving the giant marshmallows susan got for me too <3

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