July 16, 2019

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That is a happy breakfast.

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Nice breakfast!

Today I woke up with headache, and haven’t gone for a walk yet. But, I did get a record finally, the one from Smoulder. It’s playing beautifully right now! After I listen to the record fully I’m going to go for my daily walk.

Anyways, I hope to get some good journaling done today, some Spanish lessons, some game time(I’m looking forward to Fire Emblem: Three Houses) and some other stuff! Hope everyone has a good day today!

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yum =D

glad the record arrived and sounds great! good luck with all the things!

i’m still getting going, too. a cat is sitting near me and making me feel better.

such relax, yes.


What a cute cat! I just wanna cuddle them so much! What’s their name?

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the tuxedo one is named Smölz St. Laurent! he is sweet and sensitive. he is more confident/daring, but also more insecure, somehow.

the brown poofball is Gucci Lucy! she started out muuuuuch more scared but as she grows in confidence and we get to know her better, we’ve seen that once she’s comfortable in her home, she’s basically unflappable. case in point: she was pretty unfazed by the fireworks during the 4th, surprising all of us. smolz was a little jumpy but handled it.

lucy’s under the window right now:

the word i want to use to describe her is sanguine but i don’t know if that means what i think it means. lol.

you can see that smolz is way closer to me. but he’ll also get offended more easily and pout for longer. if we do something they don’t like, like spraying herbal anti-bug stuff on them, they’ll both run away but lucy bounces back faster. smolz will pout and hide from us and skulk around with his shoulders up and his tail down like WHY MEEEEE for hours or days, lol.


@maiki’s breakfast is the most sanguine it can be!! it even accepted that it got eaten by @maiki??

That was actually Clover’s. :slight_smile: It was accepted.

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We went to the library. Specifically, Lakeview…

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