July 20, 2019

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We changed the rooms up a little more, which @susan goes into more detail at changing rooms again | susan magnolia :

Emma likes having her own room for the most part. She loves her dollhouse and desk set up in her own particular way. I appreciate that it all stays in her room now and I don’t have to share my opinion of her love of cluttered spaces. maiki and I like having our own space too. It feels like we share a cute studio that most reflects us. I think that we have finally figured out where all of the furniture fits well and our home is as comfortable as it can be. We don’t strive for less for the sake of minimalism but rather keep the items that are useful and spark joy, as they say. Having a one bedroom apartment for our family still works for now.

We had extra tortillas after dinner and Susan turned them into a dessert!

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I don’t know, I think the latter leads to the former, for me in particular. I have stuff because of poor time management. :slight_smile: