July 22, 2019

Sometimes kiddo looks so much like my siblings…

I’ve been assured the hand gesture is merely “being fancy”, and not in fact “throwin’ gang signs”.

Not that they need be exclusive from each other. :face_with_monocle:

Our work week started off kinda blah, but in macrocosm I’m feeling pretty okay. :slight_smile:


Today I went to the dentist and then I installed Mageia 7 on my laptop! The thing is tho, the first time I booted it up after I installed it, it wouldn’t stop loading and I had to boot into an earlier kernel. Fortunately Mageia provides that option and so, here I am!

Mageia found all my network related stuff right off the bat, no configuration necessary, unlike Ubuntu. But sadly Mageia lacks Steam, RetroArch and Zandronum(Doom multiplayer server/client), so I dunno if I’m going to keep it at this rate… but everything is really nice, presentation-wise.

Also I’d like to install zfs+encryption on this drive, but that’s easier said than done I think. I also recently bought a Yubikey and I haven’t really used it, so I need to configure that as well.

I tried OpenBSD on this system and sadly OpenBSD has problems with the integrated graphics chip on here, otherwise I would happily use it…

That’s all for me today!

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me too!

i’m slowly unpacking from dweb camp. i have treasured zines. i have clothes. i have some camp stuff. there is a cat by me. i’m pretty hungry and alas i cannot just get in a line and magically get delicious local organic prepared food. ah, camp.

It has Steam. Both in version 6 and 7.

It also has and Mednaffen/Mednaffe (Mednaffen is the emulator Mednaffe is a frontend for it.) which might be suitable replacement for a multimachine emulator.

Did you enable non-free software media? Thats required for Steam. But like, I use the official Mageia Steam packages over here all the time. Mageia App Db - steam

Another thing to note is that Steam is only available on 64bit GNU/Linux systems these days. While it uses many 32bit libraries to do jobs and many games are 32bit. It uses Blink to drive the browser portion of the steam client. Google/Blink dropped all 32bit support. So Valve dropped 32bit GNU/Linux distros. Even though it paradoxically still needs 64bit GNU/Linux distros to carry 32bit libraries.


Oh cool. I didn’t know that! Thanks for the clarification! I’ll look for medaffen right away!

Yeah I did! Thanks for that link too!

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Today I did the opposite of yesterday. Yesterday I basically went into a rage blackout and cleaned a bunch of stuff because I was so angry I couldn’t manage to do anything else and cried a lot and didn’t leave my apartment. Today I worked out twice and was very very active. I feel quite tired but mostly okay, so I’m excited to see if I can manage working out 2x/day sometimes and 6 days/week. If so that means less time for rage, theoretically. And somewhere to channel time and energy which I seem to have way too much of in some ways.

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