July 25, 2020

Recently I’ve combined all the various drives I’ve been keeping. When I replace the failed drive in lime I replaced it with a 1TB SSD. When I combined all the file systems I took up ~600GB.


I did it by combining the directories along the same lines as my current ~:

[maiki@lime process]$ tree -L 1 .
├── books
├── dl
├── docs
├── dot-files
├── games
├── music
├── pics
├── projects
├── susan
├── templates
└── video

And then, today, my 5TB (yes, TB) drive didn’t load. Seagate Backup Plus blah blah blah. So I popped it open and did my wizardry, among my other implements:

When I plugged it in I heard a pop, a sizzle, and a strong whiff of ozone. Yikes.

And then it hit me. Holy fuck ya’ll, I just lost 3TB of video media I had hoarded, and now I’m just going to go become free and light as a feather and this is probably how ascension works.

Anyhow, now I’m gonna go through photos and show the world how it works. None of those movies and shows to distract me with their hi-def audio-visual assault on my senses. I’m ready.

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