July 7, 2019 - Sun

i’ve had a pretty sad few days–overtired. it’s okay, this will pass. gotta really be careful about spending energy. i have flu-like symptoms (sore/dry throat, sore body, deathly tired, feels like i can’t breathe, sweating a lot when asleep, can’t get up) but i think it’s “post-exertional malaise” happening. i’m okay. i’m enjoying the weighted blanket. just being extremely quiet at home.

but we need to be way more aggressive about fleas. =((((((


@judytuna It sounds like you having a terrible time. Please reach out if we can bring over anything. But seriously fleas too! I feel you! Suddenly itchy.


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@susan, Clover and I went to Sausal Creek on Sunday. It was the first time we’ve wandered around Dimond District as a family (and my first time, really).

We had our choice of taking the NL or 57 over, and got off near Farmer Joe’s, a very cool grocery market. We got day old bagels and some other provisions to take with us.

There is a trail, which as we found is sometimes better defined as “trail” due to overgrowth and sometimes just needing to jump in the creek to get past. The trail head is kinda-sorta attached to a nice park, a place we lingered near at the beginning and returned at the end, so I describe it more later.

The park had about a hundred feet of trail and then crosses a residential street, beginning the Dimond Canyon Hiking Trail.

I thought the above shot was so fascinating, as it could have been a trail from any time in the past, made by whichever humans were dwelling there at the moment. Also, traffic began to recede in the distance, making this a relaxing journey.

There is a small platform on a post with a sign explaining how to take a bunch of angled photos and submit them to assist in tracking area rehabilitation. Neato! Thus:

That last shot is of the canopy above, and I was fortunate to catch it at a great time of day!

I tried to take a selfie, but some hiker bombed me…

I took another one, it got awkward real quick!

Okay, how about a bunch of beautiful outdoor shots?!

We sat at that dry patch in the creek and Susan read “I Am Sausal Creek”, an illustrated book explaining rich, detailed, and often heart-breaking history of the creek. It was neat to have noticed artifacts and geographic features in our hike and then read about it in detail!

When we returned we hung out near one of the play structures in the park, and I found a tiny path off the main one that goes up and around the elevation rising behind the play area. It was actually a Native Plant garden, though one could walk through without noticing, which I suppose is the ultimate compliment!

There is this really cool looking clubhouse structure, I want to go in so bad! It has this big wrap around deck, but it was all closed off by construction and fencing. I investigated the other side and found it to be Lion’s pool! Wow!

Unfortunately it is closed for renovations. But there should be a magical time in August when public school starts back up and it is still hot and no crowds! Yay homeschool!

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The Lion’s pool clubhouse had an amazing library box, and there were a lot of families hanging out, kids playing, total fun.

Then a helicopter start circling overhead.

One parent had been there a while, had tiny twins, began to leave… and almost had eir kid run over by a motorcycle blasting through the park. Followed just behind by another one. Mountain bikes. Trying to outrun a police helicopter. In a public park and children’s playground.

And then fucking stopped, right near us! It took about 20 seconds for the herd to figure it out, and then we all rounded our kids up and left. It was like a migration. And we heard the motorbikes and helicopter continue their chase for 10 minutes after, in an ever-widening circle.

Such fuckers.