June 12, 2020

Today I was planning on hanging in Lakeside park, but it’s kinda rainy, which is nice on it’s own.

Finishing up content reviews so I can send it all to translation so I can feel really awesome unveiling a new site I built that freaking has onsite translation tools, so everyone gets to read in their native language as a first-rate experience… :face_with_monocle:

Ready for a relaxing weekend where I will have no work work to do, so I can really focus on a fun thing. Like building more websites… :nerd_face:

Also, I’m drinking coffee and eating muffins like no one’s business! ((Because that would be a horrible business, what’s your profit model?))

Haha, my giant mug makes that looks like a mini-muffin, but it’s “normal”. That’s why I shop at Shift-Scale Merch Co.!