June 13, 2020 (Last Chance for Spring Cleaning?!)

We are spring cleaning because spring is almost over(!) and next week is going to be too hot to stay in our apt. and get anything done. So we’re clearing out caches of junk.

Clover has stacks Valentine cards from classmates and birthday cards from relatives. C is doing well, reading them one last time and letting them go. And then found $30.

E was so proud of emself, and is all like, “post it to talkgroup!”

Yep, we say that aloud, out in the world.

And so I start typing this up, and gear Clover say, “Oh, is this envelope thick with money?!” As one does.

And of course e is just tickled about it.



it pays to process! proud of yall!


i’m really, really impressed with C. keep it up!

(i haven’t done this with the papers from the time i taught a high school class english for a week in taiwan in 2004 because i want to take a picture of all the notes they wrote me before i recycle them! and that’s just one example of a huge bundle of papers! have you SEEn my house? yes, you have! i’m trying to remember exactly the words C uttered but it was something like “judy, you really need help throwing things away.” hahahahaa)


my Oceanside boyfriend :heart_eyes:


Yo ho ho!