June 23, 2020

Had a really nerve-wracking call where a project I was working on could have been shutdown, but was accepted on the merits of:

  • securely hosted
  • minimal user profiling
  • code already has security audits
  • provides functionality that no existing tools do
  • I was able to explain the above

We have moved on to ensuring all our boxes are checked, and may have to change some internals, but nothing that compromises the usefulness of the tool, and that means helping people, so I’d say that’s a pretty great win. :slight_smile:

Also got a message my mother was accepted into hospice care and I talked to her for the first time in a decade.

So next steps are to build out a solid proof of concept for the “moving” parts of the application, to give the clients an idea of how to present their content and have folks interact with it. That means building a platform demo site thing, which I’ve been doing, so the timing is coming together nicely.