Just sent the email...

Thanks to Kevin, Mike, Susan, Tim, Parker, j1mc, Owen, Chris, Laura and Nathan for the kind words and feedback! And to all the folks that create and promote free software, and make something like this even possible.

I've published what I sent to the folks at the FSF, and do not need any more feedback. My first draft was based on me finding my voice while also trying to fit it into templates I found online. I thought about it for a few days, and realized that I wanted to show them I was aligned with their mission, but also that my quirks and passions are also very important, and that I would contribute to the cognitive diversity there.

I am happy with what I sent, despite it not being very standard or formal. But that is me, ne?

And I wanted to point out that Susan Magnolia is my rock, and I wouldn't be able to be in the service of others if I didn't have her support. ^_^

WAHOO! Great work and good luck!!