Kelutral, an island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

i often use this name for my home!

this is my turnip record:

it was very exciting! some friends came over in shifts to play the stalk market.

in general my town is a mess and i have no goals, because how i do one thing is how i do anything. there is furniture dropped all over the place. the entire south beach is covered in fossil duplicates. my house is full of whatever i got first and set out and just left there.

my native fruit is pears. my native flower is mums. i have pink, green, and purple mums now. my friend dropped off a gold rose, a lily of the valley, and some hybrid-color cosmos.

iā€™m wearing a pink tshirt dress with a huge tiger face on the front. guess what is on the back of the dress? the back of the tiger head. hahahaha

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