Knowledge quizzes to enter game matches

I’ve been thinking about integrating the map of Earth into web games. I especially like the idea of learning about real places/events/people, while playing a game.

One idea is to populate a map with locations, say monuments or ruins or something. And each one is a match or game, a place where players can join a roster and interact with other players. Except to activate it, one has to take a quiz, including a difficulty level. Think: easy, normal, hard.

So you click on the Pyramids at Giza, and you are asked one of three questions, to test your knowledge. It links to resources (Wikipedia most likely), because the point is not the punish people, but to reward them for learning. Anyhow, the level they choose makes better rewards or something. If they get it wrong, they join at the lowest level, no bonuses, but their account is marked so it gets more Pyramids at Giza content in the future.

I wanna see this idea (yours but my wiki entry maybe?):

Married to this with openstreetmap data.

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