Kodi for a tuna

Continuing the discussion from April 21, 2019 - Sunday:

This quest is to get Kodi set up on some machine at my place, so we can sneakernet!

Who: @judytuna, and I will ask @maiki and others for help! But mostly maiki.

Completion criteria: watch an episode of Community via Kodi in my living room.

First, judy must answer these questions:

  • wtf device should i put this on? the chromebook? a raspberry pi?
  • do i have the correct cable to connect it to di’s TV? is there a free port to it?

Should this be in #tuna? Or #tech-support, perhaps? I’m making it a Quest as an experiment!

I had a device called a Cubox, little dinky thing, and it ran Kodi fine. Nearly anything will work.

The more we talk about Kodi, the better: it gets blocked by search engines and is targeted by FUD. I’ll edit a bunch of personal goals into this quest later today. :slight_smile:

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sounds rad!

An Ouya, perhaps! I’d have to do some research. Linux-next for the Ouya Console, Release Alpha 0.10. 31 May 2018 : ouya perhaps?

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D00d! That would rock!

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Kodi is on Android too. So I think if you could find a distribution of Android on XDA for the Ouya, you could probably rig android to boot straight to it. I was pondering something kind of similar with an abandoned nexus TV. Though I found out Android TV distirubtions are extra gimped without google services; more so than vanilla android. (Can’t even configure wifi without google services).

Though linux would be way cooler.

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We actually need a platform that runs Flexget. That’s the magic under the hood. :slight_smile:


@judytuna, what hardware do you currently have access to? :slight_smile:


  • mac laptop
  • pc desktop (windows 10) (my friend gave it to me)
  • several raspberry pis but i only have 1 monitor, which is hooked up to my windows pc


  • iPad Pro (the first one, from a few years ago now)
  • iPhone 8
  • nintendo switch
  • kindle paperwhite (refurbished, years-old model years ago)
  • a nexus 9 tablet from 2013 or something?

tv/console stuff

  • roommate’s ps4
  • roommate’s Roku TV
  • i don’t know where the ouya is, but i have some somewhere
  • a chromecast


  • a google home which is in a box somewhere. when i had it set up just to play music because i liked the speaker quality, i always had the mic on mute, but i don’t believe that it’s really muted. so i stopped using it. (got it for free because i spoke at google i/o in like 20…1…8?)
  • a red big jambox (i bought it for hundreds of dollars in like 20…1…5 or whatever? the bluetooth is broken but the aux cable still works)
  • a geek pulse dac (bought on indiegogo when i started there in 2013, arrived like 4 years later lol) with a set of stereo speakers another friend gave me for free. this is currently connected to my windows pc

i mean while i’m inventorying my electronics i might as well mention my two printers (one black and white laser printer, and one ancient hp inkjet color printer-scanner-copier)

i mean i guess i also have a toaster oven (whose timer is broken, i got it for free off of a free group on fb, you just have to watch it and manually turn it off), a hot water dispenser, two crockpots (one has a broken knob and is a leftover from a previous roommate’s previous roommate, but i still have it because maybe we can like do crafts with it i don’t know), a mini crock pot for fondue (it came with the other crockpot that my mom gave me) but i can’t watch media on those things

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i have to add mesh networking.

i have a mesh node. i have just learned that i can host stuff on the mesh using something like a raspberry pi running whatever service. all it has to do is be on my mesh node’s number.number.number SSID wireless network. that’s really cool. i could host a streaming service of my own videos and people elsewhere on the mesh would be able to stream stuff from it, even if they’re not connected to my node or connected to a node connected to my node, because there are exit nodes that allow pieces of the mesh to tunnel to each other over the wider internet.

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i do not have this hardware, but i just found out about: Pogoplug as file server