Kodi for a tuna

Continuing the discussion from April 21, 2019 - Sunday:

This quest is to get Kodi set up on some machine at my place, so we can sneakernet!

Who: @judytuna, and I will ask @maiki and others for help! But mostly maiki.

Completion criteria: watch an episode of Community via Kodi in my living room.

First, judy must answer these questions:

  • wtf device should i put this on? the chromebook? a raspberry pi?
  • do i have the correct cable to connect it to di’s TV? is there a free port to it?

Should this be in #tuna? Or #tech-support, perhaps? I’m making it a Quest as an experiment!

I had a device called a Cubox, little dinky thing, and it ran Kodi fine. Nearly anything will work.

The more we talk about Kodi, the better: it gets blocked by search engines and is targeted by FUD. I’ll edit a bunch of personal goals into this quest later today. :slight_smile:

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sounds rad!

An Ouya, perhaps! I’d have to do some research. Linux-next for the Ouya Console, Release Alpha 0.10. 31 May 2018 : ouya perhaps?

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D00d! That would rock!

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Kodi is on Android too. So I think if you could find a distribution of Android on XDA for the Ouya, you could probably rig android to boot straight to it. I was pondering something kind of similar with an abandoned nexus TV. Though I found out Android TV distirubtions are extra gimped without google services; more so than vanilla android. (Can’t even configure wifi without google services).

Though linux would be way cooler.

We actually need a platform that runs Flexget. That’s the magic under the hood. :slight_smile:

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@judytuna, what hardware do you currently have access to? :slight_smile: