Languages fora

Continuing the discussion from July 21, 2019 - :sun::

I’m down. Particularly toki pona, as it is the closest thing we have to an alignment language for “good”. :nerd:

Any particular features? Someone do a description writeup, I’ll spin it up.

I was gonna say we can do lang category and then subcategories, but this kinda works itself out.

But stating here that languages should not be restricted to particular categories. If someone posted a #tech-support or #quest-board in a language we couldn’t parse, my thinking is to track someone down that cab and ask for their help.

Just some thoughts and feelings about languages. :slight_smile:

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Maybe this should then be specifically for the practice anf learning of languages (conlanguages?).

That’s a nice focus. Something inviting, too. Languages are inherently social tools, so creating a welcoming nook to sip tea and chat with new understanding, that’s the kind of place I’d hang!

In person I’ve help run and plan “international cafes”, so a lot of mind imagery comes from what I was going for.

We had so many students from abroad we’d sit around learning pronunciations and comparing idioms (or my favorite, the “sounds” animals make as words; how would you write the sound a dog make?).

I think that fits well. Let’s stew on it. :slight_smile:

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I’ll third this :slight_smile: