Learning Taskwarrior, one dream at a time

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Hey, not bad! I am accomplishing more than backlogging.



I use annotate a bunch. Mostly for URLs. So when I view my next report, my description field is a mess. After poking around Taskwarrior - Reports, I found a nuanced difference between description and description.count, and figured out how to override the default view (again, I already changed the filter).

Basically, I made a tiny change. The default:

report.next.columns               id,start.age,entry.age,depends,priority,project,tags,recur,scheduled.countdown,due.relative,until.remaining,description,urgency

And in my .tackrc:



That made me wonder how I’ve been doing with my task list:

I think it looks like that because I have recurring tasks (all tagged with +routine), things like “Caffeine!” and “Eat breakfast”.

Oh, I can just drop a few items from my list here:

ID Age Tag              Recur Due   Description                       Urg 
72 22h next routine       P1D 35min Caffeine!                         24.7
73 22h next routine       P1D 35min Eat breakfast                     24.7
71 1d  home                   -1d   Find charger for Clover camera    10.2
59 7d  home               P7D -9h   Vacuum the homestead!             9.82
74 22h routine            P1D 35min Inbox zero                        9.59

This has helped me tremendously for a single reason: I don’t have to track the massive amount of micro-decisions I decide each day in my head. As a creative knowledge worker, I make decisions all day. For the the choices that actually require creative thought, I have the energy and capacity, as I’ve externalized the rote, mundane and spontaneous (by capturing notes in books and creating actionable tasks to complete).



due:eod wait:due-6h recur:1d is for my daily wind-up tasks.