Legend of the Pink Dragon


Legend of the Pink Dragon

an IRC game

Pink Dragon

Server: tilde.chat (IRC)

Channel: #legend

Channel (2): #legend-discuss

A tribute to the venerable Legend of the Red Dragon as a realtime multiplayer hack’n slash text game for IRC!

Join the channel of the game with your favorite IRC client and slash monsters until completing some legendary quest for winning the game.


Play by sending commands to the bot (most likely called pink_dragon) as private messages; result will be broadcasted on the channel of the game.

Look at the Bulletin Board for some suitable available quest and accept it with the command:

quest []

Each quest has an ID made of four hexadecimal digits. An optional strategy may be specified among: random, harsh, rage and wise. The same strategy will be remembered for following fights, but it may be changed again as well.

Fights are computed with a DnD5-like algorithm and the since the player has to fight against several monsters during a single quest, the chosen strategy has some effect on the consecutive targets of the human player:

  • random: at each turn, the player choses a random target;
  • harsh: at each turn, the player choses the weakest target (low HP);
  • rage: at each turn, the player choses the easiest monster (low challenge rating);
  • wise: at each turn, the player choses the most difficult monster (high challenge rating);

The first time you join the channel of the game, you are strongly advised to wait until all currently available quests from the Bulletin Board are displayed (which occur every ~45 minutes). Later, you will be able to track quests as they are removed or added to the Bulletin Board , but starting to play without having waited for the latter event can’t lead to anything good. Wait for a very easy quest to be available until you can afford some weapon (you may have to try the same easy one several times before completing it)!

Once completed, a quest will be removed from the Bulletin Board and not available for the other players any longer.

You will most certainly need to buy some items on the store. Keep an eye on the inventory and buy an item (if you have enough money for it) with the command:


Each item has an integer ID and a cost; most expensive items are the most powerful! Two kinds of items can be bought: weapons and armors. Buying a new item of the same type discards the previous one.

You can also get some statistics about your character with the simple command:


When enough users are playing, random events will occur from time to time.

The winner is the first player to complete a quest having a cumulated challenge rating of at least 72.


Below is a list of all weapons in the game; their specifications come from DnD5, but they are significantly tuned in some parts of the game (price being also taken into account).

Name Cost Damage
Club 10 1d4
Greatclub 20 1d8
Quarterstaff 20 1d6
Javelin 50 1d6
Sickle 100 1d4
Spear 100 1d4
Dagger 200 1d4
Light hammer 200 1d4
Whip 200 1d4
Handaxe 500 1d6
Mace 500 1d6
Pike 500 1d10
Trident 500 1d6
War pick 500 1d8
Battleaxe 1000 1d8
Flail 1000 1d8
Lance 1000 1d12
Maul 1000 2d6
Shortsword 1000 1d6
Longsword 1500 1d8
Morningstar 1500 1d8
Warhammer 1500 1d8
Glaive 2000 1d10
Halberd 2000 1d10
Rapier 2500 1d8
Scimitar 2500 1d6
Greataxe 3000 1d12
Greatsword 5000 2d6

Source code of the game

The game has been written as a fully protocol-independant game and can be ported to any other system very easily. The source can be found at Thomas Baruchel / Legend of the Pink Dragon · GitLab.

I really addored legend of the red dragon in my childhood BBS days, but kinda of found some of its sex/gender dynamics a little gross, when I went telnet BBS hopping this past year.

Had already been meaning to check out Legend of the Green Dragon. Gotta add this to check out too. Im betting theyve been able to improve on the original a bit.

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I was casually curious about that, after reading:

The Escapist magazine highlighted the way LORD handled sexuality, which became more mature as Robinson developed the game over the years.[2]

I don’t care enough to go seeking it out, but maybe for you… it gets better? :roll_eyes:

Green Dragon very much interests me, as PHP (via WordPress) is my game engine of choice. :slight_smile: