Let's theme talkgroup for 2019!

Discourse has theming! Legit. I use it, my site looks a little different from yours!

I’m getting this error message about the logo, I need to add one for, um, android devices, for large screens. And I’ll probably do it, to make the error go away, but I don’t really care. But then, I would totally care if it were fun!

So, I was thinking I’d make some awesome logos for the favicon type uses, to make it seem like some kind of awesome app or game!

And the neat thing, we can change it up, whenever. We aren’t a brand, we have no obligation to stay on it!

What should we make?

There are actually a lot of things we can change A LOT OF THINGS. I meant to type that in lowercase, but that is how INTENSE that tutorial is. :slight_smile:

Maybe a dark theme? Inspired by a game or movie or genre or panpsychic concept?

Also, maybe we can pay one of the artists that make emoji!

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Can you point it at a CGI script which selects a random one? I don’t know why but I like the idea of it rotating through a bunch of different ones.

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I bet we can figure out a way to rotate them. I don’t know how they are kept in the DB or create their assets. But also, I think I’ll always have a neutral, clean one as default, so rotation would be an individual option. I want folks to feel like they can read the site and I want a theme to be really bad, but look like a scroll with magical text on it! :slight_smile:

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i’d love to revive an old livejournal “mood” icon set as emoji sets here ^^

ahahaha what about an lj theme for discourse lololol

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Sounds like a make quest! I’m actually way into that, as a digital artist. So, what version of LJ should it be? I wasn’t a real user, so I have less an opinion on a which aspects to catch, but I’m very interested in expressing the aesthetic digitally. :slight_smile:

Also, are there LJ emoji sets? I can look into loading them.

i believe i used square faces - pink.

i remember the kittens and little circly punquinheads vividly. here’s page four of the list:

discourse is so amazing! look at this!


now that’s what i call engagement!

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omg yall discourse does the ... wavy animation using CSS ANIMATIONS WOOOOOOOOOOOOO

I jacked some of yer messages, because I wanted to let you know that I don’t use the same theme as you. Probably. I think you can change it, too, so it probably won’t be different for long.

It isn’t very different, just some minor changes and square images. Called Sam’s Simple Theme, via yer preferences:

Okay, so whatcha want? Magic scroll? Star Trek interface? Solarized? We can make a theme to make this the best communications platform for any given person! And we share them all with each other! :slight_smile:

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I wonder if anyone can figure this out sans maiki-xplainin`…

Looks cool on mobile, too! And this editor color, such MS '95!