Linux Compatible USB Composite Video Capturing

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Any GNU/Linux compatibility problems with the various $10 Composite/RCA to USB adapters floating around ebay and Amazon these days? Ive got no experience with them.

My suspicion is that their pretty much MOSTLY all working out of the box these days, even though they were a headach back in the day. Much like webcams. But I don’t actually know.

I might solve this own problem with research slowly as I have time, but curious if anyone else out there knows the answer to this allready.

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OK so it looks like most of the supported cheap devices around doing this are driven by the video4Linux UVC driver (kind of as if their webcam feeds) or the Video4Linux usbtv driver.

However there are many chipsets which have issues under GNU/Linux some can’t be made to work or others require strange hackish userland drivers.

Also to make matters worse most of the cheap ones are Chinese jobs, which don’t have formal model numbers or product lines; and are prone to sudden change of chipsets and therefore often seemingly lie about their chipsets on product pages. Youll notice several such devices claiming to be UVC with Amazon reviews angrily stating they are not.

However most of these chinese devices are trying to clone a common family of once popular devices known as easycap. There are three or four chipsets in this family of clone; and one hits the sweetspot of being available right now and having very good support in kernel (3.19 and higher). This is namely the UTV007 chip.

Linux TV wiki on this family of devices: Easycap - LinuxTVWiki

This lead me to the Easyday DC60 which seems to be advertised in some places as having the correct chip.

Which if you find is available from a bunch of retailers for dirt cheap, and has atleast one less than year old Amazon review of it working with Debian.

So I may gamble with it. Its a cheap gamble, and hopefully the manufacturer hasn’t rotated to a different dirt cheap analog video capture chipset yet.


@tim or @judytuna, don’t one of us have one of these? Let me check my stuff tomorrow, I feel like one is tcuked away somewhere…

I do not have one!

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I went deep diving, past the Seagates, across the plains of Nexus 7’s… and found the wrong end in my GCW bag:

Alas! On the other hand, I also found the three best things for the NDS:


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Bus 001 Device 008: ID 1b71:3002 Fushicai USBTV007 Video Grabber [EasyCAP]

Took me a bit to figure out how to point VLC at the corresponding pulseaudio input but once I figured that out capturing was a breeze. I can’t seem to directly upload video though, as direct uploads are seemingly capped at 4MB.

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Wow!!! That’s cool! :slight_smile:

Someone make a #meta note to up caps and such.

That intro gets it right; I love it. It had me at Good vs Evil and artifact representing old battle.

That’s all I need. I’m in!

This is what the actual real life setup looks like by the way.

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