Wasn’t sure what category to put this in, but the description said “for pleasure” and “for science” so this seemed right.
Someone online asked a very important question recently:

Although the results were inconclusive this did remind me of something else I recently came across in the intersection between data pipes and laying pipe. Introducing Saved by Systemd, an Erotic Unix Encounter.


I’m excited to get to reading this. Same person has blockchain smut for sale too, if that’s your speed. (Also speaking of pipes check out this 1964 memo on modular IPC!)

In any case I’m not going to judge the ways people integrate technology with fantasy, whether that’s daemons or powerpoints:

is unix literotica becoming a genre? somewhat concerned but overall enthralled

this is amazing.

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Im somewhat familiar with the author of the systemD one. He writes a lot of unix / bsd system admin books and has a pretty prominant presents in the Fediverse. He attends many FreeBSD confrences. He likes to experiment in other genres on occasion.

There is a budding genre though of what im going to call absurdist-erotica, which seems to have developed out of early success of dinosaur-eroticia. I read an interview with some of the women who had kind of broke out as “successes” in the whole dinosaur-erotica thing a while back. They were very up front that for them and much of their audience it was very much about enjoying the riduculousness of the spectacle, though they could not be certain what percentage of their readership may or may not be sexually excited by the subject.

I have to think though as this genre gets more abstract, its got to be more and more about the spectacle and riduculousness though.

I would think the bulk of Warren Michael Lucas’s readership though is likely in one of the later camps.


I think i’m turning into a fan: