Listing of public jabber rooms

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I’d like to have a listing of the permanent rooms created on I need to make a checklist in what to include, similar to the template for new Discourse categories.

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Ah, but allow me a rebuttal!

That seemed like a new idea before I sat down and thought about what I really want: an easy way for folks to find others to chat with.

Well, I also love those internet guides from 20 years ago, they had an interesting format, and maybe that could generate interest in jabber again.

But I’m not gonna do that. Instead, I’m going to spend less time marketing the chat platform I use, and more time getting specific people I want to chat with into the space where it can happen.

I think jabber is a great network to compliment most group activities. It fills in that SMS niche. And I think it can be a meeting point, the same as idling in an IRC channel.

Instead of building a directory, or otherwise publishing a directory online, I’m going to approach it with three ideas in mind:

  1. Post conference rooms and my personal address ( wherever make sense
  2. Submit rooms to the list at Public Jabber Chat rooms, while also utilizing that list to “go” to other servers
  3. Create compelling chat spaces, so there is more incentive to an invitee
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Also, I’d like to host some bots on, so we can send them webhooks and stuff. I miss my bot net… :slight_smile:

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