Lord of the Rings Online soundtrack

Long story short, ~2012 I went on a deep dive on data extraction, and was able to extract the actual OGG files of music from the LOTRO data.

I will be posting them here one a day, with my notes as to why I enjoy them!

First up is my favorite, the gentle music of Thorin’s Hall. It brings to mind the hours upon hours happily smelting ingots in the forges there, meeting up with friends. This tune always, always calms me.

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Love it! Thorin’s Hall was closest to our guild house, it was just the coolest player hub. It was the closest we got to Moria, years before Moria.

I liked it because Bookend always crafted there, like e was learning from the Dwarven smiths. :slight_smile:

@tim, you have any screenshots of the Hall?

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