Lorekeeper, ARPG framework

a friend of a friend created Lorekeeper, which i think is a way to facilitate pocket monster games.

let’s try it for Straindex. lol

Lorekeeper is a framework for managing deviantART-based ARPGs/closed species masterlists coded using the Laravel framework. In simple terms - you will be able to make a copy of the site, do some minor setup/enter data about your species and game, and it’ll provide you with the automation to keep track of your species, players and ARPG submissions.

What is an “ARPG” in this context? I’ve scanned the repo, issues, and wiki, but can’t figure out what that is. At License? · Issue #76 · corowne/lorekeeper · GitHub someone writes:

Moreover, many ARPGs are in a sense small businesses, and especially given this it would not be appropriate to demand that all parties be willing to reveal their source code.

No idea. :slight_smile:

I had the same question! I think it stands for “Action RPG” … Action role-playing game - Wikipedia … with Diablo and Borderlands as examples.

The demo for lorekeepr, maybe is not active, but I’m not sure what it does, yet. Is it a web interface to hold data about an ARPG? Like, a monster list?