maiki plays Animal Crossing: New Horizons

This game is just too much. I need somewhere to dump my thoughts, so…

Okay, gotta get this out of the way: I just keep thinking about The Prisoner (1967). Tom Nook really seals the deal… but we’ll get back to that later.

Okay, the NookPhone… its a custom ROM of Android with integrated F-Droid’s local app exchange feature. I’m guessing e runs a mesh wifi network across the island.

What I’m saying is, we can do that right now. We have the technology.

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Nintendo is run by a sentient pool of points. Just, every coin, bell, mile… a transdemensional form that slowly seeps into reality until we are all just looking for that next hit of points…

Meanwhile, NookMiles app is exactly why I don’t do point systems. This thing vibrates every minute. Tom Nook is tracking my activity… but to what end?!

I was actually excited about this. What a great idea, as far as a game mechanic goes. It’s not some out of nowhere HUD, it’s a phone! we all get how phones work!

He sits back and continuously rides the success that you the player have worked hard for!

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It is a tracking device so the “Selfie Drone” (your actual perspective in the game) can follow you. That’s why multiplayer requires a leader, there is just one bot.

I imagine it looks something like…

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I understand this reference!

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Do people in Japan interact with kiosks and mobile devices together?

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i am waiting for the moment when i can use my ingame phone to scan an ingame QR code. hahahaha

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Tom Nook doesn’t wear shoes, and has tiny red pads on eir feet.

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Happy Home Academy is run by a furniture industry group, based on the National Rifle Association.

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Apparently an art dealer of dubious goods has been seen making the rounds on nearby islands

Just how deep does Nook’s surveillance network go?!

Also, calling it NookNet from now. :leaves:

I log in each day before 10PM to check turnip prices. @maiki in the future, how’d that work for ya?

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OMG, @susan, Nook’s Cranny reminds me of the Tokyo Fish Market Gift Shop!

And of course it has a “webpage”, and it include images!

And in particular! :leaves:


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