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This is a meta topic @maiki uses to catch ideas.

You (yes you) are encouraged to interact, argue, correct, emojify, or whatever, any message in this thread. It is for discussion, otherwise I would have kept it to myself. :slight_smile:

Be bold! We will split off conversations as they become interesting.

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Some cities have laws that make developers sell houses for $1 or similar, if they can move the house away, rather than demolish it. Because history.

That’s interesting. What’s up with that?

If you have to be chaotic, be good.

Series of discussions: favorite paracosms, and why

Make a topic for each one, to avoid folks drowning under spoilers!

I find most MMO games have really fascinating mechanics and core game loops ruined by the strain they put on player psychology for profit.

If we don’t protect our communities, who will? Hold this in your mind at all times. Live, work, and play with that in mind.

Electric scooter rental network, but with rules to store them responsibly, and the cost is charging them.

We haven’t scratched Wikidata yet. But Hugo is about to generate pages from data sources with a single config file, and a lot of R folks are blogdown-ing with Hugo, so we ought to see something good, soon.

I have an idea.

Tag all the powers characters have loaded/trained/whatevs. Use the tags to cater the encounters. Think of it like an influence thing. If too many warriors walk around, fights will break out. Have areas count players in this way, dynamic regions that react to who is there.

Scales to compete with status quo. React to meta builds to progress the story. Too much fire magic in the world? Ice elemental attack. Too many small ships flooding the star field? Attack fuel pricing. React to what players are doing, but unlock new parts of the game as reward.

A long enough timeline and all words are used to hurt people in some way. But also not, so words aren’t the problem.

Turn and menu based RPG, but with classes and powers from 4e. Ha!

In Fedora we update with sudo dnf update, but I typed sudo dns upate.

I want dns update!

Sometimes I just need to listen to the Groove soundtrack!

Protocol relative URLs are an anti-pattern

Unpack that sometime.

Wow, if someone makes an ActivityPub interface for Discourse, things are gonna get really weird! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We’re writing letters to the future. :crazy_face:

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Stay sane. Don’t support the things that cause you anguish, even if it is helpful to others. You deserve a pass, take it.


Use the toolbox to create a license chooser. Because the CC0 chooser produces one set of output that isn’t ever helpful to me.