maiki scratches

I propose “Black Friday” be additional Black History days, second Friday of each month.

The day after Thanksgiving shall be renamed “Very Obvious Problems Day”.

Become the carefree samurai, fulfill the destiny.

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Without being able to chart the present and past, one can not triangulate the future.

Are we different, those of us born knowing we can go to the moon?

All I’m saying is, if breakfast were the most important meal, it wouldn’t have to go around saying it all the time.

I solved a Discourse/WordPress issue without having ever paired them, nor having used the plugin in question:

In the 90s I learned how to troubleshoot Windows computers by reading help files. All of them. Superpower, or super practice? :thinking:

Acting in active scarcity is not smart.

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Falling asleep, random questions:

  • Does everyone operating a satellite know where the other satellites are?
  • Why do we pay rent?
  • What the hell is behind targets at an indoor firing range? Is it, like… bullet absorbent?
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Functional data art.

Websites used to be fun. Like, most of them! I remember that time! Wow. Demons in my sights, time to slay. :thinking:

Seems dubious to think software is useful because a mere 10,000 people downloaded or liked it. There are so many more people, that’s not a great sample size. An even worse demographic.

Any species that can colonize another planet can also totally freak itself out. So. Many. Ways.

I have observed others not understand. I sometimes do not understand. That means “understanding” isn’t as useful. We can’t “understand” our way out. We need a double-crux, probably compassion.

Oh, good idea: when verifying a person is who they say they are (say I ask someone to fill out a form to update a text file with their homepage or jabber address), I can ask them to update an account, and then drop it in the Wayback Machine.

Because I don’t care who people are, I just care they are who they say they are (for purposes of publishing online profiles).

At least consider Dunbar's number - Wikipedia whenever you see any number involving humans. Candidates, likes, stars, forks, impressions, w.t.f.e.

For thousands of years (several more than you), some of us realized nothing is as good or bad as it seems. How does “popularity” fit in that model?

Oh yeah, while I have the scratchpad out: the resonance of the beat. That’s why happy hardcore always worked for me, and to a lesser extent dub step, glitch hop, et al. ((Gawd what I wouldn’t do for some proper jungle!))

See, my thoughts, they are clotting, all over the fucking place. They just run into each other. And new, unusual, foreign thoughts, they are sometimes attacked, by my antibodies familiars cultural identity pre-existing thoughts.

But the moment between hard and core, where your mouth goes dry and your stomach flips… that’s the exact frequency that breaks my thought-clots.

Special thanks to causal conversations with @susan and 4 weird-ass seasons of House.

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My current project has so many moving parts, whenever I make a change I have to sit down and enumerate the tasks I have to do or I forget what I’m doing. :grimacing:

Without looking it up: wtf does well-heeled mean? :weary:

In GIMP, an alpha channel is required before one can convert a color to transparent. See: