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Clearing out old tasks, wanted to make note:

  • ask internet to send Clover postcards
  • write about emotional toolset

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I am a knowledge engine building a knowledge engine that relies on other knowledge engines to benefit yet other knowledge engines… #whoa

I’m so tired of all the success stories of folks taking loans against their mortgage and paying it off.

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Dell means dale.

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What is the difference between jabber and xmpp? Or, why do I even have to think about this?

What is immigration? A distinct lack of imagination. When we talk about it, we are enforcing the conceptual ideas of borders. Borders serve the empire, not the people.

Make a game with sides, each a different shape. The rules are different for each shape, and the shapes are assigned at random. Most of the sides are even, balanced. One side has a strange side affect that annoys the other players, and they can all adversely affect only that irritating shape, but must change the rules to interfere with each other.

The rules create a bad game. Don’t play that game.

The current rise of fascism is the catalyst to fight in ways that require imagination to win. Therefore we must stay in the arc of hope. If they realise they can’t win, they will try to change the rules. Refuse to play their game. Imagine to win.

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Survival guide for transitioning away from capitalism.

Thesis: no system can scale without reform.

Do people of different political philosophies learn from each other on the fediverse? Or do they self-select communities? Is that a problem?

Is the online world a place we want “public discourse”? Where do we have public discourse in physical reality? Are we emulating something natural, or are freaking out that we created the equivalent of mass telepathy and can not imagine what does to us?

We need explicit recommendations on how to handle telepathy.

Let’s consider it, presume we have telepathy. We don’t understand the rules, and like all technology our understanding dictates how we use it.

What kind of rules do we want? Imagine that.

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EFF pre-populates the Privacy Badger database by running Selinium hosts… I think. Anyhow, where is that database? I’d like to see what it looks like.

It feels like there is a membrane between parent and child, a monomolecular shield where no matter how much information is transferred, an amount of energy is expended to transmit, and is never recovered.

We call it love.

It reminds me: the difference between cynical and practical is perspective.

In my general experience, the color of beer determines how much I’ll like it: the more worrisome the color as urine, the better the beer!

I’m making snakebites, which requires various liquids of minor dehydration. :slight_smile:

Omg, I’m drunk, that is the funniest sentence to me!

Also, Guinness is terrific, even as it uses charred animal bone in it’s production, for some value of true.

Also also, I feel like I know St. James Brewery has like, a 10,000 year lease and had steam tunnels under an Irish city large enough for cars to drive through, and is used to pump beer across some distance!!!

I know weird stuff.

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Fish bowls in her boob holes! @susan knows what I’m sayin’!

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Lasting Impressions, #wtf

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Train tracks and terminals. Romans and Secret Service. Carts and punch cards.