maiki scratches

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Inspired by the Skill20 wild magic chart: all magic is wild, spellbooks give mages a chance to control it somewhat, most people are mages in the world. Hilarity ensues.

Carded for booze: “Did you lose weight recently?”

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If someone makes me a WWBJD bracelet, I will wear it and explain to everyone it refers to Baby Jesus, because apropo of nothing, that’s pretty hilarious and adorable at the same time!

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Advil PM says 12 year olds can have 2 pills at bedtime.

I could write a tutorial on DNS, redirects, web servers, and 404s, to answer questions like Theme breaks when using www subdomain - support - Hugo Discussion.

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The fact planets exist is weird.

Example lorem content, but a blog post every month. So we know it is changing over time.

I may never fully understand how magical we are, in the universe where we reside. Taking magic for granted is the miracles’ curse.

I think the reason I accept Bandcamp as viable is because under the hood it works the way I thought it was gonna: I pay an artist to store their files somewhere.

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Feats and other character options have requirements, but nothing interesting. Instead, each one should have one or more questions.

In order to obtain one at character advancement:

Answer one of the questions below, or ask and answer a better question.

People don’t learn new skills out of nowhere, especially in fiction where everything is driven towards a narrative end. Therefore, character feats should be both keys to “power locks”, as well as narrative connection.

It makes really cool powers connected to forces in the world, which is handy for storytellers. It encourages adding new fictional hooks in the form of new questions, which themselves forever change a rule for a given gaming group (and in digest these various options help to inspire others).

“Like” is a strange word.

Study of religion is important to understand the early psychology of organized humanity. We know where we are going by where we come from.

If you chant at political rallies to lock up political opponents, you are making the wrong decision, and it will hurt you in the end.

Whenever I see a “staff writer” I wonder who their “lord editor” is.

Actual imposters still learn, and become non-imposters.

Related: if “faking it 'til you make it” isn’t working out as a tool, you either aren’t faking it enough, or you already made it. It happens. Fake the next thing.

Mix tapes are the closest things I see as the modern spell scroll.

Were that this hoodie was a time hoodie!

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