maiki scratches

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A middle finger is one half of peace.


Modern people need to worry about how refrigerated our food is. Was this a non problem in the past, or did it take all the time?


“Jacuzzi Splot” is both the worst and best name!


perceptual cluster statistic :slight_smile:


Find folks on that CC0, make cool RenPy interface, complete with scifi sounds and scrolling text!


Just put Greta Van Fleet in Stranger Things already.


Life was so much easier back before the world ended in 2012.


Watching Game Night the second time and caught the awesome easter egg on the make out subway montage! Ha!


Game companies should release all their server stats, especially busy times and player load. It would be more helpful to players I’d they had access to those stats, to plan their own activities.


Never mind, there shouldn’t be game companies.


Just design the systems. As low a level as you can get, and no more. You won’t be working on that part right now.


World map with time slider, showing “borders”, going back to history’s beginning (or before, show migration ranges).


Without pattern recognition of coincidences, humans wouldn’t have reasons for curious exploration. We see nonsense, but it activates us to move in the universe!

The very delusion of our perception both guides and defines our place in the world.


Curated procedures. This will be a thing, so might as well own it.


I’ve written so many times about blog comments, and here I come again: it wasn’t a habit to track a conversation in the same space as the topic. It works for a particular point of view, which I will smugly call egotistical.

Our conversations are not without ego, but there is something of a burden to carry when one decides to tie the conversation to their content.

What holds a discussion? Like a parcel folded to hold a perfect cube of water, it isn’t quite sensical to think of a conversation container, but I think of it that way. And not even these forums are that box; rather it is the temporal stream of media-data that forms the wake of our intentional, concious passing.

I don’t talk on big forum sites or social networks for the same reason I don’t go shouting at people in a square; I don’t personally derive meaning from such a discussion. So I create a space that is forever a simulacrum of my preferred form: just a few people, focused on the same thing. Maybe a problem to solve, or an up to catch. But that focus, I wield it.

I don’t think we should have a few “silos” where all the discussion happens. But I’m starting to think we can have a fuckton of “community gardens”, where folks come and go and enjoy the efforts of each other and their communities.

The pubnix and derivative efforts embrace what I mean. And I think that isn’t solar punk enough. We need more. We need a team of heroes. Not leaders. Shamans. Mages.


Ugh, why don’t other people learn by listening to a general idea and filling in the details with their imagination?


As freeing as it is, there is a tinge of sadness. I wasn’t to be activated unless it got really bad in the primary paracosm. Imagination was accidentally sealed away, and the illusion of order has teased everyone into a frenzy. Reality break.


Insight: projects are not hierarchical. They can just be in each other. But no other inference. Not even temporally!


Make a processing page with links to the things to process so I can process them and once processed the processing page changes.


Chaos mage guide to novelty; how to wield it, how to escape its grasp