maiki scratches

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Sometimes I think about the central loop of behavior that is rewarded, and how variations create diverting patterns for additional reward and complexity, and I forget if I am thinking about game design or human personalities.

The light novel of this concept is called, Help, my life is a procedurally generated dungeon of emotions?!


Chaos mage guide to emotional and action investment in collective commons; or, How I Learned to Stop Taking My Surroundings for Granted


Use alternative stylesheets specifically for kiosk mode, such as large TVs or tablets. Single resources, layed out according to need. I’ll do this for the upcoming events thing at the Hub.


Puzzle box of the month. Each month everyone gets the same puzzle. You do it together, apart. Brilliant, because the puzzle comes with pamphlet showing picture and info, but box is the same as shipping box. Optionally include envelope for storage (nah, let them use their own envelopes!).


Two quick observations:

  1. I owned a boomarang as a teenager, I bought it from a headshop with an Aboriginals theme.
  2. I adore whenever boomarangs show up! We are obsessed with a return L of wood! Ha!


Notebook zero.


All the colors blended together create brown. We don’t have to us all of HTML and CSS.


Imagine what you could do if you could trust the ‘meta’ elements of all the pages you were indexing!

We could easily privately rank, sort, and filter the results, caching and syncing and keeping it private.

We can do that now, it just takes time, and probably some kind of overlapping friends whitelist of hashed trusted domains and a way to block smartly.

That is really interesting.


Teach the complexity.


I know more about European-style dairy goods than I do European-style democracy.


In my experience, after quitting one’s job is the best time to get business cards.


Magic eight ball abduction.


Need to drop this somewhere: my thesis is that most of the web is crap, which is why everyone wants to burn it down. But there is still a web within that is amazing and fun and useful. So we start data mining. Find what we need, make what we lack. That’s the engine’s output.