maiki's tips for communicating online ❤

I keep leaving myself too many notes to share notes about communicating as a remote worker. I correspond with a broad spectrum of technology users, so here are my no-nonsense, unordered tips for communicating online. :sunglasses:

Use subject lines that will bump for a 1,000 years. What I mean is: at some point you will be writing to people in a system that has a subject line, and that subject line will show up everywhere. When it does the subject you wrote can either inform or confuse the person.

When possible: inform.


I send out email about a project I’m working on:

  • Release schedule
  • Front page assets
  • Brand guidelines
  • Domain registration

I keep all these message in the atlantis category, as that is the current client. But my messages don’t stay there. They are emailed, title-scraped and shared from a mobile phone widget, droped in a chat channel via webhook, whatevs. It’s going places. And it works, for only one project ever.

But next month we are relaunching the outreach for mu, and we’ll be providing a real-time food-track/farmer’s market vendor map for avalon. Suddenly I’ve got PMs I don’t know forwarding messages that say “Release schedule”, as well as one extra message about a crowdfunded thing hitting a milestone…

This does not inform.

So I send:

  • Release schedule for Atlantis :trident:
  • Front page assets for Mu relaunch
  • Avalon’s Brand Guidelines (it’s a dagron :dragon:)
  • Domain registration for