Maintenance plugin by WebFactory Ltd is soliciting email in wp-admin

I logged into a site and saw this on the admin dashboard:

Which is weird, as that site doesn’t use a redirection plugin… but it did have Maintenance, a plugin by WebFactory Ltd.

It is inappropriate to advertise raffles on the WordPress dashboard. I’ve sent a report to

They remarked on it at Is promo on the dashboard part of the new look??? |

Creating and maintaining a free plugin is not cheap, especially when it has over half a million installations. So far, we had no ads; we had no pro version and we didn’t ask for donations. The plugin was as clean as possible. We only asked one thing from our users – to rate the plugin. And no, I’m not talking about rating 5/5; I mean rate with whatever they feel is right. And how many people took 30 seconds to rate? To say thank you? To give back in any way they can? Borderline nobody!

But when it comes to sending angry emails because something is not working, because “we’re to blame,” then all of a sudden, everybody has time. And after we resolve the issue and again, only ask for a rating do we get it? No. So basically, we’re expected to shut up and provide a premium product and service for free.

Well, unfortunately, that time has come to an end. Primarily because we too need to eat, and also because we’re sick of how users treat us and how they envision this whole “free” thing should work.

Cool, that plugin is over.

Reply from

Currently that is permitted. As long as it’s 100% dismissable and doesn’t track usage, it’s allowed.

Welp, that is the state of the plugins, folks.

I’m not happy about this, injecting ads into the dashboard rearranges the widgets. Look at this thing:

So in this case, the obscured link beneath the only button on the screen says, “I don’t want a free license; don’t show this again” is allowed.

I believe this is a compromise of our values.