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Continuing the discussion from Discover SGDK (GCC and Development Libraries for Sega Genesis):

For many years I identified as a copyleftist. But in my journey towards escaping capitalism I came to see copyright not as an ill-regulated feature of society, but as a world-spell we must combat with arcane gestures and seals that appear to be failing at a constant rate, yet no one living recalls the absolute freedom from before, when we took the value of knowledge for granted (as much as any pre-ascended species).

Anyhow, I like being contrary as much as the next geek, so rather than calling it “copyleft”, I refer to it as “copywrong”. As in, if we have to discuss copying, we’re doing it wrong.

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Oh yeah, I want to include the license text. Thinking of using page bundles to include front matter and content file, with included license text, which can then be referenced easily.

One goal is to hit a static API feed to say, get all the license texts of some filter. Neato!