Make my car less ugly by fixing its peeling paint

My car’s paint is peeling. While I enjoy that its ugliness may function as a tamper deterrent, sometimes I get sad when I look at it. hahaha.

would have been helpful if the blistering was isolated to small areas. However, it is the entire car. I beliebe i have two options:

  1. expensive professional repaint job
  2. diy clear coat by borrowing/renting a compressed air gun

Benefits of 1: “can’t someone else do it”; i can pick some new bonkers colors
Cons of 1: $$$$? but how much? and decision fatigue for finding a place. and who knows if they are open due to pandemic.

Benefits of 2: cheaper
Cons of 2: hard. maybe not cheaper once factoring in material gathering, tool renting, garage finding, and time. Also i watched my cousin do this once and it turned out horrible and full of tiny bubbles. So it is not like suuuuper easy.

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