Make warez directory

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I have this idea to create a directory of every piece of warez I interact with, hard-, soft-, or otherwise. I am not even sure what that looks like! I want features and anti-features, and probably different stats based on the type of object it is.

To motivate myself, I am going to start dropping links to warez I find worthy of commentary, here. Maybe it will inspire someone (me?!1) to build the directory. :slight_smile:


GPL Video Editor


Apache Firefox add-on for vim bindings and other weird stuff. :slight_smile:


GPL userstyle Firefox add-on. But wait, there’s more! It is a response to some bullshit Stylish pulled:

On the 2nd of July, 2018, it was discovered that the extension was tracking its users’ browsing history and sending them to a remote server operated by its parent company, SimilarWeb. It was subsequently removed from the official Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari extension websites and is no longer available to install.

Awesome! And I don’t even use userstyles! :slight_smile:


GPL Firefox environmental control

4 Firefox extensions worth checking out | says:

uMatrix allows you to set blocking rules for certain requests on a webpage, which can be toggled by clicking on the add-on’s popup (seen in the screenshot above). These requests are distinguished by the categories of scripts, requests made by scripts, cookies, CSS rules, images, media content, frames, and anything else labeled as “other” by uMatrix. You can set up global rules to, for instance, allow all requests by default and add only particular ones to the blacklist (the more convenient approach), or block everything by default and whitelist certain requests manually (the safer approach). If you’ve been using NoScript or RequestPolicy, you can import your whitelist rules from them, too.

In addition, uMatrix supports hosts files, which can be used to block requests from certain domains. These are not to be confused with the filter lists used by uBlock Origin, which use the same syntax as the filters set by Adblock Plus. By default, uMatrix blocks domains of servers known to distribute ads, trackers, and malware with the help of a few hosts files, and you can add more external sources if you want to.

Basically, uBlock Origin – Add-ons for Firefox on Expert mode.


Not personally interested, but I hope folks take inspiration from this, and not just from WordPress; we now have front-end tools that connect over standardized protocols. If folks don’t start building better, useful tools for humans to interact with network services, we will have to eat whatever is handed to us from on high.

New Classic Editor Addon Plugin Disables the “Try Gutenberg” Prompt Coming in...

Among the interesting features is the ability to delete old toots:

But why? I might want to keep a copy of my toots, but I don’t think they have much value going back months and years. I never read through years of tweeting history! This only benefits your enemies, never your friends. So I want to expire my toots. We can always write a blog post about the good stuff.

I love this! I consider my mastodon account digital chaff, and like the idea of processing posts by time periods, publishing notable ideas elsewhere, and deleting them.

I am not sure what I think about posts that start conversations, because that seems important and interesting… but do I really want to leave it up to the future to search our dumb conversations for context? Important conversations, I am not sure the federation of micro-posts is the optimal storage solution for those.