Making a website: repo by repo

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Before I can move forward with any making actions, I need to get my repos in order. Until now I’ve always saved everything into a single repo, but that was never the plan. I’d like to keep content and the site configuration separate, at the very least. But also I think all kinds of content might have better stewardship if I can dice it up and hand it out.

Thesis: there will be advanced sharing scenarios where this makes sense. :face_with_monocle:

So how shall I slice this? Hmmm…

For interi I created an org on interi -

I’ll likely start with a configuration or build repo, and then add content, themes and components, and anything else I might need, one repo at a time. For content I plan to add each section as a git submodule. I want this to repo to be one that can quickly pull down all the parts of the HTTPS web version. For other versions, they’ll have their own build/config repos.

Oh, all the ways! I’m dropping the root domain from the web. Yep, will no longer resolve. I was considering redirecting it somewhere, but why? What’s the point?

I didn’t put a website at, because it doesn’t need one. I have things I want to publish. Just not at Probably If I had to guess.

Folks coming from the #webcraft angle might think, “huh, that’s odd, don’t you want visitor landing somemwhere when they visit your domain?” And I would answer: no.

It isn’t my job to explain how DNS or HTTP works to people using the tech. Every move we take to make it seamless and disappear in the background is tricking humans into this really weird, flimsy reality that doesn’t serve the common good; it’s just more shitty web of today.

I’ve found a way to cheaply host a bunch of (hyper)text files on a CDN at a bunch of fun and interesting sub-domains, because is an orginization of interi, and that is how at least some of it chooses to rock it’s expression. Why should any of us play by the rules of commercial giants, merely because they loom over us?

Also, I’d like to see what I get when I scrub my soul with wirebrush. If I know the lingo, the rules, the secrets of those giants I so abhor, am I capable of utilizing these skills in ways that serve a common good? Am I tarnished so irreversibly, or do I have something to prove?

May be.