Making a website: talkgroup

Here’s a thing I want to build: a better version of

And it’s gonna be awesome!

Basically, all these categories are buckets where we drop different types of conversations. I don’t slice and dice them all the same. For instance, I want to show the most voted on quest, whereas for links I’d like to see the most recent active conversations.

Okay, so here’s how I’m gonna do it in Hugo: I’ll have a talkgroup content section. Each piece of content inside will be for a category here, such as talkgroup/

Then, for each talkgroup I’ll load a section on the page, and list the posts I want, very similar to how it works now. However! I’m gonna make it super cute, and style it the way I like, get to use some web design to demonstrate how easy and simple such a system can be.

Here are some ideas!

  • For #quest-board - a funky “parchment” looking section, like a real outdoor bulletin board.
  • For #gaming - NintendoPower oddness
  • For #liferaft - create content card styles that emulate protest posters

Etc. I’ll be looking for inspiration for each. :slight_smile:

Conference at

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Which category to start with? I was thinking the least used, working towards the more popular categories. My thinking: I can assess how successful a given experiment has been and update as needed.

Tentative checklist:

  • Check description, make updates
  • Answer new questions
  • Add resources (jabber rooms, tools)
  • Pitch to new folks, abroad

That last point is interesting: what if we invited folks active in a given space to come and talk with us? We’ll see! And I’m gonna crowdsource it, so for each section we’ll discuss who knows who. :slight_smile: