Got hooked on this durring my commute after some Fediverse recommendations. It’s very much executed as a radio drama.

Initial setup is something like this:
(avoiding spoilers, but hiding just in case.)

Mars colony sleeper ship, the first of a half dozen or so heading towards mars. Each by different geopolitical factions. Plant life and nanotech sent ahead of them to start terraforming a year or two before they land. When the crew wakes up theyve crashed. Their is way too much life on the planet. They dont know how much time has passed. Ships AI doesn’t know what is going on and cant get a signal out of the atmosphere.

Once the series gets going and it’s themes start unwinding it hearkens a little bit back to the old 90s scifi show Earth 2. Mostly the way the series layers the mysteries. With aspects of the colony planning that was kept hidden from the colonists and or the AI. etc, etc.

Very interesting take on AI with a very likeable AI too.

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