marvel of the day

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I somehow biked to work with my phone in my back pocket. It didn’t fall out or get smashed by my bum, thankfully! I see people ride around with ulocks in their back pocket but this was my first time :sweat_smile:


did you forget it in your back pocket??

my phone always falls off my bum and clatters into the street when i try that!!

Yes! A little into my ride I realized I hadn’t packed my phone, but was too lazy to go back. So I spent some time thinking, “oh, how will I survive today without my phone? But it’ll be better for productivity…”

That’s the best feeling. That, “you know what? It doesn’t matter” moment.


The poptarts at work are not labeled. Most of the time, it’s smores since people don’t like it as much. Having seen a strawberry poptarts box earlier this week, I grabbed one then et voila, t’was the strawberry I sought! I noticed that I could feel the sprinkles through the bag, so I thought I had a trick.

Turns out s’mores has a version with crunchy marshmallows on top. (I will eat this later, no worries.)

I went back to grab another one that felt less bumpy… And it was brown sugar cinnamon?!

Usually my favorite but I was craving :strawberry:. Oh well.

Wait, @annietuna you’re a pop-tart fan too?? :strawberry: is one of my faves (assuming we’re talking frosted) but without a doubt :cherries: frosted is my absolute favorite.

And to show my age, I used to love blueberry frosted until ~1989 when they changed the recipe. It was a dark day. I need to research this.

YES SUCH A FAN. In my world there is only frosted. I grab cherry when it’s available – it is the best! Cherry in anything except for medicine is usually good. I’ve been drinking a sour cherry juice that Greek places around here sell. :smiley:

What did blueberry used to taste like?

Fun fact: bananas used to taste like the laffy taffy banana flavor!

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I was only 7 when it changed, but I’ll never forget it. It was MUCH milder in flavor, more like just a hint of blueberry. With the crust part of the pop-tart… it was perfection.

I had to find an image of the old box. Look at that typography! I love it.

Yeah, that is so neat! You can apparently still get those bananas in certain areas, and it’s definitely something I’d like to do once in my life.


hahahaha :heavy_plus_sign:

wait what? i’ve never seen a banana pop tart!!!??? i thought y’all were joking???!!!

and i’m now realizing from your photo that pop-tart has a dash! that typography IS amazing. the little circle on the lowercase r! the angled top edge of the t! smucker’s has a proprietary font and frosted is outlined! it’s incredible.


Oh no, I was referring to actual bananas, not food that tastes like bananas. :smile:



i saw a hummingbird yesterday so i got a hummingbird feeder. these are both marvels because hummingbirds are marvelous, and i’m feeling productive/whimsical and feeding my own soul is marvelous.

i weighed it against “but you don’t need more stuff,” and came out on the “but i miss it from when i was a kid and our mom loved it so much and actually i miss my mom i guess oh wow but also it has a place to live and so it is not clutter and it would make me so happy even if it is a bit indulgent i’m okay with it” side.

i’m sorry and also not sorry. L I B R A


the marvel of today is realizing that when i miss my mom, i do stuff she does. this is obvious to everyone. quotidian marvel, lol.


Guess what I found! cc: @judytuna
I didn’t buy it, but maybe I will. For science.


They’re upsetting the balance of nature with these. That said, please try them and share what they’re like!!

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truly marvelous indeed:

i didn’t buy it, either. do i regret that? i can’t tell. maybe i’ll let myself buy it after i’ve run out of my current batches of both pop-tarts and cereal.



I’ve never seen such fancy/legit children’s furniture before. Thank you, whomever donated it to Goodwill!

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that is a super-legit tiny armchair! it even has two pieces!

ikea has some very legit armchairs for kids too!

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It captures some of the pop tarts essence but since filling is important and only so much can fill a little cereal morsel, the original is ultimately superior.

But! It did have the alluring pop tarts taste and frosting and I found myself craving it. Pluuuuuus, portion control is a bit better? Instead of eating a pack, I can have a handful. Or more. :grin:


omg they’re really cute, actually! tiny pop tarts! and it’s in a sharks cup! glorious!