May 1, 2020

Yesterday I had a rough time, but full’s night rest and I’m on the mends!

Today’s word of the day is doily (also doiley, doilie, doyly, doyley), and you ought to not shop at places unfriendly to their workers.

Related, there is a workers strike today, check it out before you sortie.

Today Clover and I turned on creative mode on the server. After I started laying down powered rails and mese lamps. :slight_smile:

Our map is ridiculous now, but I have some ideas on keeping it smaller for a live server, which I’m planning. Just planning. :pick:

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Called the popo. In an apartment building adjacent to our there is a dark, secluded stairwell that we can plainly see, and are sometimes given the awkward task of viewing a person emptying stolen bags.

I tried to report it online, but the site (at a domain called coplogic…

And since I started this, I found out it was stuff from our building, and neighbors were trying to get it back, so I jumped the fence and got it back.

We’re in this together.


That sounds intense! Im glad everything worked out ok.

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I refuse to pick up pennies. So now there is a little pile of coins there…

@susan makes it difficult to sit around in my jammies all day, with cute outfits like this:

It’s like being stuck at a B&B with a sexy former diner chef (the apron really pulls it together!). Even our trees want to give em kisses!


Later, Susan combined eir love of going outside with Mortal Kombat cosplay! Wow!


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