May 14, 2020

This morning we had the stakeholder reveal on the big project, and it went smoothly, even though the server died just after showing it off and I got dropped from the call and couldn’t get back in!


@tim, I hope you had a case of Mt. Dew stashed away. :wink:


I made a starter a few weeks back and my favorite thing is using the discard in blueberry pancakes. We ate them for breakfast with agave syrup this morning and I felt so pleased with it all. :pancakes: Also starter in my pizza dough is freaking amazing but I love the instant gratification of pancakes. The sour plus syrup with blueberries is so good.


I did not! First time in… 27 years maybe I haven’t had a Dew on this day. I carry on, however. :wink:

It was my bday, and I took off work to do fun things. I played lots of DCSS, some Guild Wars, and spent lots of time with the family.

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oh my goodness! happy belated birthday, tim. glad to hear about the fun times =)

…do you have some Dew now?

Thank you!

And I did acquire some Dew. :slight_smile:


yay! glad!

i have a similarly-sized can of sprite.


I also have a can portional to my hand!