May 2, 2020

Hey there! Babies are hard work :sweat_smile: It’s been a while!

Ira is a big ol’ bundle of awesome. He grows and grows and grows. He’s a huge baby. He looks 18 months but is only 8. I keep telling my mom to stop praying for him because the doctors say he’s too strong and the naps don’t work on him.

I’ve been applying and interviewing for new jobs. The last project for TFAW went 10 months overdue and left me pretty burnt out of my current work environment. A minor blessing to come out of all this quarantine is that my near-total apathy and ennui for work don’t have to be seen by anyone but family, and if work gets boring I can play with my son and make memories and see him grow. I’m thankful for that.

Today we’re going over to my parent’s house to play boardgames and let them see the baby. We’re not worried about the social distancing implications of that because Samantha and I are total hermits and we’re pretty sure they go out more than we do for groceries and such.

Here’s the baby, being almost as big as my whole wife (she’s 5’1")