May 7, 2021

Today I called a place to speak with a therapist!


It was almost successful! The person onboarding me as a new patient, their headset was so crackly they couldn’t hear me, though I heard them fine. So they will have someone else call me back…

The important thing is, I’m ready. That is, I know the nature of what I want from a therapist. Basically, I want help developing personal resiliency and to develop skills to manage my trauma. I can’t get any further on my own in this regard, I’ve hit that personal rock bottom of emotional turmoil I can dig through, so I’m turning to folks who have the training and experience to develop the personal capacity to move forward.


congrats! it can be a hard step to take. happy you’re going for it!


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Also tried to schedule a vaccination with Walgreens. I created an email account, but had to trick the email validator to accept, my email address.

Screenshot from 2021-05-07 13-12-53

Now I can’t submit the online schedule form, I think because it won’t accept my email address…

Screenshot_2021-05-07 Schedule COVID-19 Vaccination Walgreens Immunization Services

…so I called, and they want me to go to a Walgreens in another city, which is a bummer, because I’m a pedestrian, so not going to the one closest to me means hours long trip, something I’m not looking forward to.

Oh yeah, I should mention: I renewed my Driver’s License the other day! Online. And they are sending me one in the mail.

This weekend @susan and I are looking at what it means to purchase a car, so we have one available for the remainder of the year, as we scout places we will move to. But before we go… I need a license and a vaccination…


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I’ve had to do this a couple times, I am happy to brain dump what I know, if it would be helpful.

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